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Each year Don Farmer and Walter Nunnallee offer Year-End Tax Planning letters for fellow CPAs and their clients.   These letters cover a variety of issues that CPAs and their clients need to address for proper year-end planning.  Usually, the year-end letters are divided into three categories, Individuals, Corporations and Other Businesses and New Tax Developments.  Each category has a long and short version of the letter so that you can use the longer versions for yourself or more sophisticated clients, and send the short versions to all other clients.  You have the choice of purchasing one, two or all three of the letters.  Also, the letters are available on disk, for an additional fee.  

In addition, when there is significant, new tax legislation, Don and Walter offer a New Tax Law letter.  This letter is also divided into a long and short version and can also be purchased on a disk for an additional fee.  


September 17, 2012

Dear Subscriber:

It’s that time of year to begin discussing year-end planning strategies with our clients. With the wave of popular tax breaks that expired after 2011, and another wave of tax breaks scheduled to expire after 2012, year-end tax planning for 2012 is more important than ever! Year-end planning is even more critical this year because the tax rates are scheduled to increase in 2013 for individuals in every tax bracket except the 15% bracket. In fact, unless Congress changes current law, the top "income tax" rates for ordinary income and dividend income will automatically increase to 39.6%, with the maximum rate for long-term capital gains increasing to 20%. In addition to these scheduled "income tax" rate increases, the Health Care Act adds a new Medicare Surtax of .9% on wages and self-employment income and a separate Medicare Surtax of 3.8% on "investment" income for higher-income individuals. Furthermore, the estate and gift tax "applicable exclusion amount" is scheduled to drop from $5,120,000 to $1 million after 2012 and the maximum estate and gift tax rates are scheduled to increase from 35% to 55%, creating potential (but short-lived) planning opportunities during 2012.

Moreover, clients should benefit from a review of 2012 legislation, cases, rulings, regulations and other 2012 developments that impact 2012 planning (including the new "capitalization" regulations for tangible business property).

To help your clients take advantage of the rapidly-changing (and time-sensitive tax) planning strategies, Walter Nunnallee and I are preparing the following three separate newsletters that you may copy under your letterhead and send to your clients to make them aware of new, as well as tried and true, year-end planning strategies:

    1) 2012 "New Tax Developments" Letter (bringing your clients the latest information on key 2012 tax developments).

    2) Year-End Tax Planning Letter for "Individuals" (highlighting the latest year-end planning strategies along with time-tested strategies for reducing an individual’s 2012 taxes).

    3) Year-End Tax Planning Letter for "Corporations and Other Businesses" (highlighting tried-and-true business year-end planning techniques, along with the latest year-end planning strategies).

All three letters will be available by October 31, 2012. An order for each planning letter will give you: 1) an Abbreviated Version (no more than 6 pages) which is designed primarily for clients; and 2) a Full-Length Version (no more than 16 pages) that may be used: i) for more sophisticated clients who may want more detail, ii) to circulate among firm members, or iii) to serve as back-up to help you respond in more detail to clients’ questions.

The price of each planning letter is $105. If you purchase a letter, you can also receive the letter via e-mail in WordPerfect format for an additional $15 per letter. You can purchase all three letters for $285 (saving you $30) and, if you purchase all three letters, you may receive all three letters via e-mail in WordPerfect format for an additional $30 (saving you an additional $15).

If you are interested in ordering this letter, please click on the following link for an order form.  Year-End Planning Order Form.pdf

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